Fiber Optics

CTG fiber optic cable infrastructure services
CTG offers a full range of fiber optic cable (FOC) infrastructure services including installation of gigabit passive optical networks (GPON), testing/troubleshooting, characterization, maintenance, and optical link mapping.

Whether you need fiber installed in your building or outside of your building, CTG has the expertise, tools, and equipment to support your requirements.  We design/construct/install outside plant (OSP) pathways including setting maintenance holes (MHs), hand holes (HHs), and vaults, and installing conduit between them.  We also have the capability to install fiber in OSP pathways.  Once installed, our expert fiber technicians can terminate and/or splice, and test the fiber.

CTG has a full complement of trained technicians and calibrated OTDRs and power meters to successfully support any FOC testing or troubleshooting requirement.  We also do third party fiber testing.